The showstopper Finals



【The showstopper Finals 受賞結果】

☆9Yrs Solo Lyrical Jazz
Double platinum Erica Takada

☆14Yrs Solo Jazz
Double Platinum Rena Itou

☆14Yrs Solo Jazz
1st place & Crystal Fuka Miyoshi

☆13Yrs Solo Lyrical Jazz
1st place & Crystal Emily Takada

☆16Yrs Solo Lyrical Jazz
1st place&Double Platinum Neiro Maesowa


☆17Yrs Solo Jazz Competitive
1st place&CRYSTAL&Overall Miyu Ichijo

☆20-29Yrs Solo Lyrical Jazz
2st place&Double Platinum Mei Nishino

☆20-29Yrs Solo Lyrical Jazz Competitive
1st place&CRYSTAL&Overall Eko Okuyama

☆13Yrs Large Lyrical Jazz
Double Platinum Mellow Kids

☆14Yrs Small Lyrical Jazz
CRYSTAL DSF Brilliants Sr.


☆16Yrs Small Jazz
CRYSTAL Mellow Grande


【America Loves To Dance Finals受賞結果】

12-14Yrs Small Group
10th Place Finish DSF Brilliants Sr.


15-19Yrs Small Group
10th Place Finish Mellow Grande